The tradition of making basketry in the region of Rudnik town situated by the San river has lasted over one hundred years. For all these years it has been the major source of income for the people living there. The inhabitants of Rudnik were the forerunners of the wiker handcraft. They were sent to Vienna in 1870 by the count Ferdynand Hompsch to learn the craft. Later on the school of making basketry was established and since then the craft of making basketry has been flourishing.

The “Koszykarka” company, based on family traditions, was set up in 1981 in Kopki village, just in the middle of wicker region. At first various kinds of basketry and wicker fancy goods were produced. In 1990 the company extended its offer and started to export their goods abroad to the Czech Republic, France, Germany, In the following years the employees produce more and more of new goods, which are characterised by a very high quality. At the beginning of 2004 the “Koszykarka” firm, with its previous name and style, is transformed into family corporation with its new branch in Kraków.

Currently, the basis of our business activity is production, wholesale trade and retail sale of the following wicker products: wicker furniture, armchairs, fancy goods, decorative baskets, shopping baskets, picnic baskets, chests, containers, flower fancy goods, garden baskets and baskets for animals, newspaper containers, fire-place baskets, shelves and baby-carriages.
We manufacture our own products, as well as according to the designs of our customers. We can deliver the ordered products using our own means of transport. All the products are presented in this service in the basic amounts. However, we are able to produce goods of any dimensions, in accordance with the requirements of our clients.
The basketry is considered in Poland to be the artistic handicraft, therefore our products possess the attests of the Polish Commission of Art and Ethnography.

This web presentation is one of the elements of the promotion of our company.